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Crane Creek Medical Center
Construction in Progress

Lobby Roof Framing Placement: June 05, 2008

The Main Lobby Roof Framing - a lightgage steel trussed roof assembly that measures 66 feet in diameter
and 18 feet tall - and weighing approximately 18,000 pounds - was preconstructed on the ground and flown
into place on June 05, 2008. After weeks of work and a furious 2.5 hour morning inspection to make sure it
was ready, this assembly was flown 110 feet up during a light breeze in just a few minutes without any drama
whatsoever. They dropped it on the supporting concrete walls, in it's precise final resting location the very
first time... these guys make this look easy. Here are the photos of the roof's progress up the building.

Mr. Jimmy Lakatos
Masterful Crane Operator
In Jimmy we Trust!

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